Wallpaper Quality

Wallpaper quality

You can find different kind of substrate on line to print your wall paper on line..

Since it is not possible to have a full choice of raw material on line, we kindly ask you to come back to us for any request for a special product. We advise you to use nonwoven product to stick on the wall, because paper based product are difficult to handle and very difficult to exchange. Non-woven product are easy to stick on the wall, because you need to apply the glue only on the wall, and the substrate do not need to be sticky to be used. Our inks used are environnementaly friendly, because water-based inks. The intensity of colors are garanteed to be respected for a long-life. Once dried, the inks are washable with a controlled mecanic cleanning.

Paper for posters

Non-woven satin wallpaper

Non-woven matte wallpaper

Non-woven fibrous wallpaper

Vinyl embossed wallpaper

Sticker vinyl

Non-woven matte wallpaper for public places